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Eden | Sarap ng Pasko

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A few weeks ago while watching my regular line up of tele-novelas, a tvc (television commercial) caught my attention, a mom trying to squeeze everything for the coming Christmas eve, getting up early and sleeping very late, went shopping for gifts, braved the busy market and taking care of her little boy. On Christmas eve while everyone  in the family were busy enjoying everything the mom prepared the little boy took a portion of pasta and served it to her mom, for a while the mom paused and felt deeply touched by what her son did, and there I was teary eyed and felt the mom's happiness.

A week after, I was invited by Mommy Jo to Kraft Eden's event "Sarap ng Pasko, dahil sa iyo Ma". We were early at the event place so we get to hang around for a while, as we were waiting, the set up crew were  doing some rounds of tests for the presentation, and there I saw it once more the tvc, I immediately told Mommy Jo and she got a glimpse of it and there she was also in tears and was touched by the tvc. From then on I know the event was really something I would really love. At the end of the day I also want to be a mom who can make every Christmas special for my future kids, thanks Eden for giving us tips on making Christmas decorations and gift wrapping, looking forward to many more years with you.

Here is the TVC:

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