Monday, August 12, 2013

Chef Boy Logro | Happy na Birthday pa!

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The well loved Chef Boy Logro has been on a month-long celebration for his birthday, and for this day he chose to celebrate it in Caloocan. He says the place was special to him because they once lived in the area and he just wants to give back by visiting the Barangay, bringing in food, exchanging hi's and hello's and of course very game to have pictures with the residents.

He is also truly thankful for the blessings that he has been receiving, a healthy family, tv shows and of course a culinary school. The school is managed by the family but he is still the main teacher that's why he makes sure that his schedule is very organized, although tired from all his commitments he says he is enjoying everything.

Chef Boy's story serves as an inspiration to young aspiring chef, because if you love what you are doing and is passionate about it, for sure you'll be successful and don't ever forget to thank the Lord for all the blessings.

Thank you Coca-Cola and Mekeni for the support you've given for Chef Boy.

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