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Vilma Santos is now the Ekstra (The Bit Player)

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This movie is exciting, knowing that the name Vilma Santos as the Star for All Seasons will play the role of an EKSTRA (The bit player). For every movie or even teleseryes that was and will be created, there will always be an Ekstra, a passer-by, a vendor, maid, driver, name it the industry had a lot of them.

My mom maybe the Vilmanian (her fans club name), but after the Press Conference I was immediately transformed. Why? Ate Vi, as most people call her and being in the industry for so long has this to say about the hardships of the people who plays Ekstra. She shares a brief story, (may not be her exact words, but it’s the thought) “Hindi ko napo i-memention yung production, pero diba ako kasi artista na, kumbaga mas malaki kinikita naming at talent fee, tapos alam na nila pag parating ako, ayan may tent at kwarto na ako na de-aircon pa, tapos madadaaanan ko yung mga Ekstra naming nasa kalsada sa gutter nag aayos ng sarili, nag me-make-up, tapos pag baba ko sabi ko bakit andun sila baka pwde na papasukin sa loob at mainit, pero sabi sa production di pa daw sila kukunan. Imagine nyo yung ang tagal nila maghihintay sa init? Tapos sa pagkain, kung ano gusto ng artista diba yun ipapabili, special ika nga. So ako naman in my own little way I try to help them kahit papaano.” Later on, the cast revealed that Ate Vi made sure to bring in food and everyone gets to eat them, from the Ekstras, crew and lead stars, they even said that it was very humbling to see Ate Vi after every shooting day, before she leaves the location she goes around and say “thank you” to everyone in the production team, maybe that’s why she was well loved, that up to now her fans are very solid and that’s why she is really blessed. 

I think this movie will also be an eye opener for everyone in the industry, to also take care of the people they get as Ekstras, yes they are also human so they should be treated as such, another air-conditioned tent for them wouldn’t probably hurt the Millions of budget each production outfit have.  And also this is a good example to the young actors and actresses, for them to give importance to every person they’ve worked and will work with. Isn’t it heart-warming to know that people loves you not just because of your talent and physical looks but because how you treat everyone with kindness. It’s never too late…

This Indie movie from Cinemalaya, will now be shown nationwide by the distribution of Star Cinema, in celebration of their 20th Anniversary.  Let’s all watch Ms. Vilma Santos as she now plays as the EKSTRA Now Showing!

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  1. My mum is a Vilmanian. At feeling ko nakakahawa sya. DI kasi mahirap ma-appreciate si Ate Vi, diba? (Naks, nickname basis!) I was supposed to watch it during Cinemalaya pero laging sold out, so I'm grateful that there'll be a commercial run. Yay!

    By the way, I can't help but notice your banner. It resonates with my advocacy. I hope to meet you in one of our future events and I'd like to invite you to this month's blog link-up challenge.



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