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G-Force | May the Force be with You

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For every production number on television shows, when you hear them introduce an artist, and then followed by their back-up dancers and they go by the name “The G-force” for sure you are in for a good ride. G-force is equivalent to performance level, anyone who will be paired to dance with them must give their full attention and time for rehearsals and must learn to do the moves well or else they’ll be eaten up alive on stage. G-force broke the norm of back-up dancers, same hairstyles, same costume, almost same everything, but for them they have their own individuality, own style in terms of hairdo’s and costume.

Teacher Georcelle Dapat is the head of this team; they look up to her as their Mentor and Mom but treat her as one of their friends. Discipline is number one for this team, maybe that’s why they are now known for whom they are, they now get booked for different shows, even shows abroad. Teacher G let them be, and knows when to step back and give the spot light to her crew, now they have their own stage directors, junior and senior choreographers and singers too, all coming from the same original G-force group.

But because the G-force family is growing and everyone has their own specialty in terms of dancing style, they decided to have groups. Now G-force offers a lot more, forming these individual groups are the G-Force Angels, G-Force Unique, G-Force Poppers, G-Force Stallions, and G-Force Femmes. What’s more, G-Force now have their very own G-Force Dance Studio wherein they offer different classes, learn to do the moves and have that G-force vibe in you.

Enrolment is on-going for their G-Force Project 2013 SEMBREAK: All Saturdays of August starting on the 10th, and all Saturdays of September and October, 12 Sessions of intensive dance workshop with recital. (See workshop schedules below)

Here are class schedule guides and rates. (All rates are for 12 sessions including recital)
            9 to 10:30am Kids Class by MYKA (5-7 yrs old) | Php 7,500
            9 to 10:30am Kids Class by JP (8-11 yrs old) |  Php 7,500
           10:30 to 12nn MeAndMyLittleForce by BHE (3-5 yrs old w/ one parent) |  Php 12,000
           12 to 1:30pm Hip-Hop by DAYRIT |  Php 7,500
           1:30 to 3pm Jazz Funk by SHERWIN | Php 6,500
           3 to 4:30pm Lyrical Hip-Hop by Ram | Php6,500
           4:30 to 6pm Hip-Hop by ISHII and KIM |Php 6,500
           6 to 7:30pm Sexy Hip-Hop by RITZ | Php 6,500
           7:30 to 8:30pm Zumba by RAY-AN | Php 6,500
           7:30 to 9pm G-force Quickstep by DEVON | Php 6,500
           9 to 10:30pm Hip-Hop by GELAI | Php 7,500

(Recital Date and Venue TBA)

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