Monday, August 5, 2013

Maghihintay Pa Rin

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The stars of GMA's afternoon soap "Maghihintay Pa Rin" had an intimate night with the bloggers. Attendees were Dion Ignacio, Diva Monteliba and Bianca King, each of the artists described their role in the said afrernoon show and how they loved working with each other because they found that work is not too stressful when your co-actors are really good.

For the many times that they've been into drama, do they have have dream roles that they would like to portray? Dion wants to be an action star, doing stunts and guns, yes those types doing difficult physical activities. Diva is also into doing action roles like that of the "Hunger Games" she wants to push her limits in terms of doing the stunts. And for Bianca, she wants a role wherein her character is that like of a "Jologs" person, she said she's really Jologs in real life, it's just deceiving that she is mestiza but really can play that kind of role.

Catch "Maghihintay Pa Rin" daily from Monday to Friday after Mga Basang Sisiw on GMA afternoon prime.

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