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She's been known to conquer the dance floor, hailed as the Dance Princess of the showbiz industry, Maja Salvador now celebrates her 10th Anniversary through a benefit concert touring around the country. 

Maja is helping an orphanage, everything from the concert goes to them, these are children who were abandoned by their parents and Maja wants to help them even through their schooling. 

The concert was first derived from a joke, Maja wanted to celebrate her 10th with a bang and showcase her talent in singing, her actual goal was to do sing and dance that's why she took some voice classes when the project was given a go signal. Admittedly, the concert series was a dream came true for her. She is thankful for the opportunity to perform and shares that she is happiest when she entertains people, hence, her success.

When Maja performs, people feel the intensity and the passion, I for one really loves her dancing, "bigay todo but graceful" and doing it now with singing, I must say she has improved her voice and can sure carry a sing and dance performance. 

She may have been called names, been and still being bashed online but she sure is a fighter. Happy 10th Year Maja! Happy Birthday too.

Be sure to catch her on the upcoming leg of MajaUnveils@10, you will surely enjoy the concert plus knowing you've helped a lot.

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