Tuesday, September 17, 2013

OTJ | The Reality

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Finally, I was able to watch this much talked about film and winner of several awards from the Cannes Film Festival. I must say, this movie blew me away.

On The Job "OTJ": The movie is an eye opener for everyone, that there are a lot of kinds of illegalities happening around us, it's like there's more to just those pickpockets, kidnapping, rape, murder, and everyday news. It's another side of this world we live in.

OTJ shows us the reality that in this country we live in, money is very very powerful, and politics is the way to having power. I can't imagine someone being killed and not be given due justice because the suspect can't be found anywhere. Why? Because they are really in jail and the one's in power have the ability to let them out just to finish a job order.

I was completely bothered after watching the film, and with what's happening in our country today, issue on the Pork Barrel Scam, I wish and hope our current government is really serious in exposing everyone involved and pursue a clean and corrupt-less future.

The people behind OTJ is worth all the good words, it's been a while since a plot this strong and brave has been out in the industry. Kudos to the staff and production crew for pulling off those chase scenes and making every other scene locations super believable.

OTJ "On The Job" stars Joey Marquez, Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson and Piolo Pascual, all equally gave justice to their roles. The movie is well directed by Erik Matti. Still showing in cinemas.

Amidst all these chaos, I know in my heart that goodness will still prevail.

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