Friday, September 20, 2013

Momzillas | The Blogger's Conference

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The wait is over for the fans of the one and only Diamond Star Ms.Maricel Soriano yes she is definitely back, alongside one of the most sought after actress "the" Ms. Eugene Domingo in one hilarious comedy movie called MomZillas.

It is refreshing to see Ms. Maricel to be back on the big screen, being known as the diamond star, indeed diamonds are forever. And even funnier having Ms Eugene tagged as the "rough" diamond star.

The blog-con was having a good time chit chatting with the cast who came including Billy Crawford and Andi Eigennman. This movie is more for the family, a typical family who have moms who really are very protective of their kids. Billy and Andi said they are extremely proud to be working with the Ms. Maricel and Ms. Eugene, Billy quips it was fun and that he is truly honored. Andy on the other hand said that she learned a lot especially from Ms. Maricel on being professional and she is inspired to do more to be better in her craft.

Jokes of Ms. Maricel's being professional were thrown, she was always too early for the shoot, "niloloko na ga nila ako na siguro daw ako ngapapa renta ng ga tent dahil mas maaga pa ako sa crew." But she admits another reason why she's always early is that, she wants to have a "chikahan" time with everyone, relaxed mood first before going on shoot and she quips "in short chismosa ako, gusto ko muna ng chismis hahaha"

MomZillas will be showing this coming Spetember 18, part of Star Cinemas 20th Anniversary offering, don't miss it.

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