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ClickPlay.PH | Your Movies Online

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We love watching movies, it makes us travel to different parts of the world, make us feel different emotions and learn a lot from it. But sometimes, when schedule and budget do not permit, we miss a few good ones shown in the cinemas. That's why ClickPlay.PH thought of this great idea of why not have these movies be  available for streaming online? Very clever right?

Clickplay.PH is the country's first movie-on-demand service provider in the Philippines. It gives its members the ability to enjoy movies whenever, how and where they want it instantly and seamlessly.

Watch Movies Anytime, Anywhere
Clickplay is available in numerous devices that have internet connection: from android mobile phones, tablets, PCs, MACs and even Smart TV's.

It's Android application is available for FREE download in Google Play Store and Samsung Apps Store and its iOS app is scheduled for release next month

Currently Clickplay offers hundreds of movies from Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures ranging from comedy, drama, sci-fi, action, horror, animation, romance, etc. More content from International and local studios are slated for release soon

The question is,how does it work?
Clickplay allows you to rent a movie. From the moment you start watching, you can still play it for an unlimited number of times within 48 hours. plus, you can register up to 3 of your devices per movie, where you can watch your content! It's so quick and easy.

So whether you are jammed in traffic, on a holiday, waiting for someone or simply want to relax, you will never get bored with Clickplay app on your gadgets!

Visit www.clickplay.ph or call 654-2492 for more details

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