Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Juan dela Cruz | The Final Week

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Juan dela Cruz is now a household name, yes they earned this spot for providing a wholesome teleserye that caters to everyone in the family. Juan is now considered a modern day hero and kids are very fascinated about the character and wants to be like him.

As the teleserye comes to their final week to closing, the cast, especially Juan dela Cruz himself Mr. Coco Martin wants to thank everyone who supported the show. They are happy that people made them their families every night, that they've given good lessons especially to children and that they were loved. Coco is very happy that he is now known as Juan dela Cruz and hopes that in the future there will be other Juan's to step into the role.

Juan dela Cruz will end Friday, October 25, 2013, make sure to stay focused on what else could possibly happen and for sure this will have a very meaningful ending. See you again Juan dela Cruz. Yun Oh!

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