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Takshing | Relax and Energize

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When I was informed of the invitation for this visit to Takshing, I thought it was the usual spa pampering treat, and so I inmediately said yes since I really needed some relaxing too.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the lovely daughter of the Franchisee, Ms. Anna, she was very nice and "ma-chika" and immediately assisted us to try their massage.

Before we started, our bags were securely kept in lockers and the keys were given to us, our feet were firsts dipped in lukewarm water, it felt so good. After a few minutes, we were assisted to our own massage rooms. The room was large enough for a cute corner table, the massage bed and spacious for the attendant to roam around during massage time.

For those of you who are quite not comfortable being almost naked during a massage session, no worries, Takshing has a comfortable massage clothing for you: a pair of shorts and shirt large enough to be lifted when certain areas need to be massaged.

The main course, the massage freaked me out at first because the attendant, Ate Lorna told be that she'll be using the electric current to massage me. There you go! Surprise! So this is what's different from the other Spa salons. I was super nervous that I might get electrecuted but Ate Lorna was very nice to calm me and ensure that everything is safe. So I gave in, it wasn't scary at all and amazing as it is the electric current goes through Ate Lorna's hands passed on to every stroke she did on my body parts. It has a tingling feel, Ate Lorna can actually control the intensity of the current by using a black pad from the floor, her foot did the controlling, I wasn't even listening on her other explanations because I started enjoying the massage. I requested to focus on the part of my head for my migraine.

Takshing was franchised  and originated from Hong Kong, it actually has healing powers that's why most of their clients are adults, who eventually feels better every after session, and I am hoping this could help for my migraine.

After the session, I felt energized, it was different because when after my usual massages before, I'd feel tired and almost ready to sleep. Ms. Anna said that's what most of their younger clients say, so you see I'm still young lol! All in all the experience was very educational and I will really come back for more sessions.

Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center is the first and only one in the Philippines. Visit them at Richbelt Towers in Annapolis, Greenhills (walking distance from MRT Santolan Annapolis station)

Note: You got to try it on your face too, it feels weird but definitely sparkling! *wink*

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