Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jed Madela Celebrates 10 Years of Music

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It's been 10 years, that fast and now Jed Madela will celebrate his music through a concert entitled "X The Jed Madela 10th Anniversary Concert" at the PICC Plenary Hall at 8:00 pm. Jed will be singing songs of his journey to success, songs that paved way for him to become who he is today.

Celebrating his 10 years in the business is not just about having a grand concert, Jed, unknown to many is very involved in charitable works. This concert is very special because 100 percent of the profit will go charity which is Bright Halls Children's Foundation, a home for unwanted babies ages 0-3 years old, and to which Jed has been affiliated to for the past three years.

So grab your tickets to this amazing concert, relieve the milestone that Jed has conquered, relax and enjoy the music and feel good that your ticket cost will be able to help children.

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