Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great Value Plus | www.greatvalueplus.ph

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There are a lot of online shops nowadays, some even recommend you to subscribe to their email system first before proceeding, hence the hassle. I love online shopping, I love browsing through items and looking for cheap bargains, I stumbled upon www.greatvalueplus.ph because I was looking for a certain perfume brand my Mom wants and has been bugging my cousin who is in Canada to send her one since she really loved the scent. The perfume was Elizabeth Arden and the scent is Green Tea Camellia Scent, it took me sometime to realize that www.greatvalueplus.ph also carried perfume brands since I was also searching for a water proof Men’s watch for my husband. This means I did that thing of hitting two birds with one stone, an online shopping site just perfect to purchase both my husband’s watch and the mom’s perfume plus the price is just sooo right! I might have the best wife and daughter award after the purchase. Lol!

So anyway, I tried to first purchase the perfume, I thought it would take me that long and lots of online forms, but surprisingly it was smooth sailing, add to cart and go! So maybe you might think online shopping equals credit card transactions? Nope not with www.greatvalueplus,ph because they also accept payments via PayPal and COD, yup you read it right, Cash-on-Delivery and what’s even better? Free Shipping!!! But wait, the best part yet? They ship in just 2 business days Aaah! The feeling of relief that this transaction will definitely end well, so the Men’s watch is up next after my husband decides which one to purchase, yup he too got excited and is currently browsing while I write this post. Try it yourself and enjoy a hassle free online shopping! Have fun!

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