Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kim Chiu reacts on twitter | Maja Album Promo

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Photo taken from FP

The other day, Maja Salvador had a press album launch for her album "Believe" and of course Press people would love to get straight answers from artists on such events. On TV Patrol, there was an interview question regarding Maja and Kim's silent rift. Maja answered saying it's just like her album "Believe" she believes that soon things might get better for them. After a few hours a tweet went out from Kim Chiu's twiiter account: "cge promo promo din pag may time..." which made netizens and fans of both ladies go wild and of course fight for their idols.

As of yesterday, the tweet from Kim is no longer present on her feed. When will this rift end?!
Who's at fault, Maja, Kim or the Press? Wish everyone could just move on right?!

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