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Neutrogena | Because Being Healthy Is Beautiful

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I was invited to attend an event for the Neutrogena brand and was hosted and newly endorsed by the very beautiful Kim Jones (Jericho Rosales' Fiance) Meeting her made me understand more why Jericho loved her, she was so nice and witty and super fun to be with during this event.  

I admit... This was the first line of a sentence where there was a mini activity room during the Neutrogena event.  My answer? I admit to not using moisturizers and lotion. Why? Because I felt like it's too sticky and greasy, yup might be the exact words from TV ads but it does happen in real life. Even before I am not really a fan, aside from the fact that I think it takes much of my time to apply them, the feeling discomforts me, I also tried, really really tried to love it and make it a habit, but it doesn't really work for me.

But it all changed during this Neutrogena day. Maybe it's true, that you really must search for a product that fits you because not every TV ad you watch will exactly give you the results that they promised.

Amazingly Neutrogena is now my partner, their moisturizer is easily absorbed by the skin, and immediately applying your face powder makes it even and would blend easily, the best part is it is not greasy at all, during the demonstration, I was already sold.

I also tried their facial wash, they promised it easily removes make-up especially mascara which is a hard one, and as promised it was for real, I am now loving taking my showers and using this very mild facial wash from Neutrogena and feeling the skin on my face so soft and smooth.

The sunblock, again si perfect, not greasy and very effective, plus I love the smell, not too strong, not too mild. Tried it during our family's Boracay 2014 trip and everyone loved it. My mom who's really vain (that I didn't get) and love's lotions was interested in purchasing one for herself. And yes, no sun burnt, just tan lines and sun kissed cheeks.

I am now a changed woman because of Neutrogena, I now take care of my skin...

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