Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Get On Your Feet | #MisterMisisTravels

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Our Cebu and Albay travels this year woul've not been comfortable without these super sturdy yet soft soles. 

The Mister had a hard time looking for a new pair that was fit for this leg of our exploration since we are again trying places for the first time, so it would mean, more walking and more talking on how to get here and there. Anyway, he decided on getting Reef which is around Php 1,000, this was his final choice after trying out several other brands, of course we would like a real value for our money and the comfortability, Reef did not disappoint, it was comfortable all throughout our walk-run Cebu adventure.

For the Misis (that's me) I chose to get Zoxy by Grendha this is worth Php 1,500 yes I sometimes invest too much on slippers and shoes, for me if it is comfortable and fits me well I'd definitely go for it. I also had a difficult time looking for my own pair, my foot easily hurts nowadays, on long walks when I use my regular flip flops the thong design, so I was eyeing for something that of a slip-on design. Of course I had seen all those immitation kinds but it was really way too dfferent when in terms of walking them, I had been a victim many times of me wanting to have a bargain so I'd go for the "class A" ones as they describe it, but because I am chubby and my feet is wide, I decided to get the real ones, a bit expensive but will go a long way.

And we are done with our summer edition of #MisterMisisTravels and we are happy and comfortable with our purchased footsies!

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