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Para Sa Hopeless Romantic | My Mixed-Up Review

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Para sa Hopeless Romantic  the book has a very special place in my heart, I actually have the very first copy and cover produced, it was a bit thick since it had illustrations and the price was a bit higher. I bought it directly from the author, Marcelo Santos III, I met him when he was still actively joining blog events, tall guy, very young and shy. It was my first time to have met an author and a very young one, he called me "Ate" but we weren't that close yet. Not until we ended up being officemates, and talked about ourselves, dreams, plans and future, I literally became his Ate and I called him "beh".

When he told me about the plans for his book to become a Movie, I was genuinely happy for him and looked forward to it, I know the story of his book and seeing it on the big screen would be a bonus.

Moving on to the movie, I can say that they were loyal to the book, it is really like watching your favorite fairytale come to life. A big factor would be the celebrities who portrayed the roles, they are not just your regular teen stars, they have huge followings. Inigo Pascual although a newcomer knows how to charm the ladies in the audience, maybe because he saw how his father Piolo Pascual did it on screen, I say it's a good start for him. Julia Barretto is undeniably beautiful, with the roots she came from, nobody can't deny her exuding that Barretto skin, charm and sophistication. In the movie, Julia I think is too beautiful for the role of a simple girl, maybe she can do more workshops in ironing out her Pinoy accent para mas masa, but nonetheless she portrayed it well. I was not able to feel much of AJ Muhlach's presence in the movie, not sure if it was about the editing, that he didn't have much exposure on the film, on the other hand, his partner Shy Carlos was a revelation, I now tag her as the next pang bansang bestfriend, she was a refreshing sight.

Now we go to the official love team James Reid and Nadine Lustre known as #JaDine. I think they did a great job, A for effort for James giving a lot to be able to speak straigh tagalog in most of the scenes, even though they had to make him kayumanggi for the movie, he is still super handsome and hot! Nadine on the other hand proved that simplicity is beauty, she had very light make-up but still her beauty reigns. Acting wise, they could still improve, especially on scenes na pa-kilig, the right timing and maybe more emotions from the eyes para more effective.

I realized in this movie the downside of being loyal to the book, there were scenes that made me felt bored, long talking scenes and some just plainly bland backgrounds, the movie was okay for me, but I would still personally choose the book and would prefer my own imagination to create my own movie in my head.

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