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Morellato | Style Your Own Jewel

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I was invited to attend an event which featured Morellato, a brand well known for its Jewelries. It was a very educational event for someone like me who doesn't pay too much attention on adding accessories for my daily outfits.

A talk was hosted by a very popular blogger and styling persona, Ms. Jenni Epperson who gave us tips on how to add a few pieces to simple day-to-day get ups and how to mix and match certain Jewelry tones to match a certain special outfit.

It was a fun afternoon, that we had a game to glam up a model, we were divided into 2 teams and luckily we got Ms. Wilma Doesnt, a professional model, a mom and a very down to earth and witty person. It took us so much time to create the look we wanted since we are so many in the team and it was really hard to choose which one's to use since Morellato have a lot of  very beautiful fine pieces of Jewelry. Sadly we didn't won the contest, but personally it helped me to possibly style myself and is now a bit interested in collecting my own pieces.

Morellato also have beautiful time pieces, from Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and some cute candy colored plastic watches that is perfect for a casual day get up. Another line that they carry is the Morellato Drops, the kind of bracelet wherein you can add priceless crystals with sophisticated designs you can choose from.

As a token and to cap off the afternoon, they gave each one of us a cute box from Morellato which randomly contains bracelets or necklaces from their Morellato Drops collection. Super cute, now all we have to do is collect different crystals to create our personalized Jewelry. Thanks Morellato!

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