Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy Skin Happy Me | Shut Up and Kiss Me

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Yay! Purchased my first Happy Skin product, I've been curious about this Brand since last year but was still a bit hesitant to try one because I was still sticking with the brand that I am currently using. You see, I am not really so much of a make-up person but to have face powder, blush-ons and lipstick, I am good to go!

Last night the Mister and I came from SM Megamall and passed by EDSA Shangri-La Mall our usual route, but for whatever reason I asked him if we could pass by Rustan's, he agreed so we took a stroll and voila, I saw the Happy Skin section, I was immediately assisted by the staff, I forgot to ask for her name, I like her she spoke to me in a very natural chikahan mode and asked me what I wanted, I said I wanted a lispstick but was not familoar with their shades, she then asked me if what look do I want? I said I wanted something that looks naturan since most of my previous ones were a bit shouting or if not they were not as close as the natural looking that I wanted. So, she gave me two testers for a natural shade and instantly I fell for the 2nd one which is Hold My Hand which is a limited edition. It looks so natural that even the Mister reacted "parang wala naman" with that reaction, I immediately said I will get this one.

I am happy with my purchase, for PHp 599 it is already a great purchase, plus what I really love about Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me is its packaging, it is like holding a pen in your hand and you glide it through your lips, so easy!!! This might be my next favorite brand, I might go back, maybe next month to check out other shades.

I am indeed happy with my Happy Skin purchase.

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