Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mariel Padilla The Super Pretty Mom-To-Be

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How can someone be preggy but still pretty at the same time? That was my initial question when we were greeted by soon to be Mommy Mariel Padilla in their humble home down South. She already entered her third trimester, hence the invitation to do the send-off-party at their home because Robin Padilla already told her to stay put (so sweet!), you read it right, Mariel will be flying to the United States (as of today she is already there) because they decided especially Ma, that she'd be comfortable there with the privacy and advanced technology if ever the need arises (let's pray for her safe delivery ha) but hoping that everything will be normal.

Ma is very accomodating, keeps on asking if we are ok while waiting for her because she was still with another group, when it was finally our turn she immediately told me "parang nagkasama na tayo?" And then she started to recall that it was during a blogcon at Star Cinema for their movie 'Sa Ngalan ng Ama' that wasway before pa that is why I was surprised she even remembered (super na touch ako sana mabasa mo ito Ma). And so we move on to the chikahan portion, Ma (Mariel's nickname feeling close kasi ako lol!) states that she now has a hard time walking, that she is now doing the Penguin walk, she hardly gets full 8 hrs sleep because she takes her meds alternately every 4 hrs and baby is malikot na rin, while doing the interview she sometimes stop and talk to her tummy, super sweet mommy to be. Maria Isabella is the baby's name and please do call her that, no nicknames, no short cuts, if you want to kiss the baby, kiss the legs or the toes, only Mariel is allowed on the face and shoes should be left outside of the house (like what we did) but slippers were provided and they have a lot, I was even looking for my size lol! These are for now a few of her "bawal" for her baby, and I think it is acceptable naman and be respected by everyone.

Mariel is such a joy to converse with, despite everything that she has gone through, she still exuded that happy and good vibes kind of personality, I miss her na sa It's Showtime but seeing her happiness and excitement everytime she talks about her pregnancy, I am willing to wait when she comes back and hopefully we get to have another round of chikahan with her. By the way, I chanced upon watching Wowowin and they had their old game back which is "Hep-hep-Horray" and remembered Mariel when she was doing the segment with Mamang Polwang way back pa, nakaka-miss ulit. Oh well, I will surely miss the "Mariel Laugh" but looking forward to her come back with Maria Isabella, have a safe delivery Ma, ang enjoy motherhood dear. (Hugs and kisses)

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