Thursday, September 29, 2016

WeAreM Travels Soon

Posted by Misis Nikole  |  at   6:36 PM

#WeAreM - now using this hashtag for our family events 😃

My then boyfriend now husband has enjoyed travelling together when we were still younger, after getting married we took a break from our yearly escapades and decided we will continue the moment we have our own child. That moment is coming soon like next year and first time to go International, so as of this time I am having so many things I want to accomplish and unanswered questions because it will be different now that we have a toddler in tow. Our flight schedules were already booked by the doting Grandma who also wants to be part of this first family trip with the little one, so we have three adults and one toddler, and because Grandma did the plane booking, I do the research for accomodation, a very important task since we can't just book the way we used to and we'll be going out of the country. It is hard to just merely rely on recommendations without actually doing some research so nowadays technology helps a lot, super!

Good thing I researched on what App could be useful and easily give me a number of options in looking for a place to stay for all of us. Voila! Say hello to TRAVELOKA a one-stop-app anyone can use to search anything you need regarding travel from promos, deals, flights and my most needed information on hotels in Singapore! What a relief, scanning through hundreds of hotels with descriptions of their location, price, amenities, maps and photos of the area and rooms, tons of information right on my fingertips. So now I am totally relaxed since I know I can rely on TRAVELOKA which you can download directly from Google Play Store and iOS App Store, this app is so helpful and easy to use, I can't wait to show my finds to the husband so we can decide together what's best for our upcoming trip.

Super thankful for technology and apps like TRAVELOKA, download now and enjoy a budget friendly hassle free travelling!

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