Friday, September 2, 2016

ON THE SET: Magkaibang Mundo

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Magkaibang Mundo stars Juancho Trivino and Louise Delos Reyes welcomed us during the bloggers set visit in one of their locations in Quezon City. Juancho expressed his sincerest thank you to all those who continually support and watch the show as well as his own supporters. We see Juancho as one tall hunk guy, very charming and fit and all and so we asked if he is up for a Cosmo runway? He said yes, he was supposed to do one but since it did not push through he is gearing up for the next batch. How does he maintain his body? For now Juancho is not on full workout because of their tapong schedules and all nighter scenes, he has to eat a lot for energy and stamina but promises to hit the gym again after the serye.

Louise delos Reyes on the other hand has already been the same as yours truly, "into blogging" yes she is now mor cautious than ever on what to post on her IG and unlike before that she does not care what clothes to wear or bring whenever there are out of town trips, now she checks on her stuff if it would be feed worthy, you know #FeedGoals. She also exclaims that now she enjoys attending events because she already gained friends in the blogging world and receives product samples as well. As of the time we were doing the interview she was carrying her camera around doing some shots on the surroundings while on break.

Magkaibang Mundo airs every weekeday on GMA after Eat Bulaga, don't miss out because they still have exciting scenes happening as it nears their final stretch.

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