Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Journey To My Vibe Fitness

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For someone like me, a plus size lady, sometimes we dream of fitting into fashionable trendy clothes in an instant or atleast just be healthy enough not to catch our breath in every staircase we take. And so we try all sorts of ways to be fit and healthy, I myself had tried numerous activities like the "gym" but ended up eating more after every session, did some dancing too, and diet solutions from fitness clinics, some had me slimmed a bit but with my lack of self discipline as well, I wasn't able to sustain it.

Now that we have our baby boy, realizations struck me, it is hard to go after him now that he is already walking and trying to run sometimes, even harder to think that because of my excessive fat I may incur sickness which I don't want to happen because now it is not just about me and my husband, we have this little one that we want to see him grow as we grow older too.

Last week I was given the chance to try VIBE, a fitness center, but no it does not have the usual gym set-up with machines, dumbells etc. Why? Because VIBE believes in the functionality of our own body. How does it work? For instance we were assisted by Coach Jay to do the "Energy" program, it is a 30-min work out where in every 20-sec you have to do a certain exercise and then a 10-sec break and it goes on. What was my take? This kind of program is exciting, yes can be kinda short for 30min but the workout is intense, starts to be easy and would level up on the next sessions. The change of exercise everytime and everyday of the program makes our boody burn more fat, our muscles do that and when you repeat the same exercise everyday there comes a point that it no longer burns fat because of the same routine. So yeah I want to give this a try and see results, no I do not wish to be super thin, I just want to be healthier with more exercise and I will try my best to really discipline my eating. Follow me on Instagram: @chubbychitchat to join me on my journey.

By the way VIBE is located at the SM Light Mall in Mandaluyong City and they also offer other services, to know more visit

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