Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cooking Misis: 2nd Avenue Cooking Class

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Hi friends, here's another feature on the Cooking Misis.

Last weekend, 2nd Avenue invited me for a cooking class, and for the love of cooking of course I said I will be there. It was held at the Mushrooms Kitchen School inside Valle Verde 5. The place is just enough for a whole class. I love the set-up, the Chef's table is fully equipped with a TV monitor for students to easily see what is being done in front. 

Everyone got excited know that what we'll be doing was Japanese Cuisine. When the recipe papers were handed over, I giggled out of excitement. We will be cooking Japanese Rice, Tempura, California Maki and Chicken Tempura for the whole afternoon. I was enjoying the whole time following instructions from our Chef instructor, no pressure, she was so patient and goes around to check and give tips especially on the Tempura. All the hard work was worth it because we finally created our own Bento Box with all our dishes.

I can describe it as an afternoon of cooking with friends, and we were totally happy with the results. Authentic Japanese Cuisine made by us. Super proud of myself for pulling this off and excited to try it at home.

Sharing with you my video blog about the event. Enjoy!


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