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HUION For Your Digital Graphic Needs

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Last July 18, 2017 a small step in the advancement of IT Education in particular, Digital Graphics was held in Boracay Function Hall of EDSA Shangri- La Plaza. This event forged the partnership of Philippine Society of  IT Educators (PSITE), ATI and HUION. The Partnership Contract Signing was headed by none other than Mr. KC Leong, Huion’s Regional Business Manager South East Asia and Mr. Neil Balba, PSITE National Board Director.

An introduction about HUION and products they are offering was discussed by Mr. Leong himself. He mentioned that HUION offers a wide selection of graphics technology and hardware at a lower price compared to the competition. Since they have their own R&D and manufacturing, HUION does make sure that all their products caters to the needs of the current digital graphics artists and of top quality.

About ATI
American Technologies Inc is one of the major players in Information Technology Distribution business here in our country today. For over 30 years now, they have been one of the go-to name for IT related products and services, ATI offers a wide range of IT brands and cater to different segments like Information Technology, Digital Production, Construction Technology, Transport Technology, Green Technology, Medical and/or Personal Technology.

                                                                About PSITE
Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators Foundation Inc is an organization composed of academic institutions, IT program heads, faculty members, corporate members, and IT graduate students. It aims to promote quality Information Technology education in the country through workshops, seminars, industry-academe linkages, and programs designed to benefit its members, and the academic sector in general. PSITE Foundation was granted the certificate of incorporation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC Reg. No. A199901393) last March 31, 1999. The general objective of the Society shall be the promotion of quality Information Technology (IT) education. Specifically, the Society shall serve as a venue for the optimization and development of faculty members, curricula, projects, research, resources, linkages, and assistance in policy formulation related to IT education.

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