Friday, July 14, 2017

Double Barrel: An Action Film from Viva Films

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In this day and age, movie makers would rather go with a safe category  and one that will ensure good ticket sales. Often times movies should have a "love team" in it or a teen group, anything that the millennials would love. There's nothing wrong with that because piracy is everywhere and production outfits just wanted to make sure that their hard work is paid off as well.

So when I was invited to the press conference of "Double Barrel" I was a bit surprised that it is an action film. But was impressed on how brave they are to pursue the movie making. And they are all positive that action films can still be a hit even through these times. "Double Barrel" stars Jeric Raval, Phoebe Walker and AJ Muhlach. Joining the cast is a newbie in the showbiz world but is still famous by name - Ali Khatibi; yes he is the better half of my personal bet as the winner of the defunct reality show "I Can Do That" Cristine Reyes-Khatibi.

I admit, I am more curious of who Ali is in person and what's his take on showbiz life. Also, did Cristine instantly allow his entering showbizness? Find out more with our quick interview with Ali during the presscon on the video below:

Double Barrel is showing on August 2 in cinemas.

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