Monday, July 24, 2017

Cooking Misis: Giniling (Mixed Ground Pork)

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Hello mga misis, today's Filipino Food ulam is Giniling! This Pinoy ulam is special for me kasi favorite ito ni Tatay. A little trivia, some years ago nung jowa levels pa lang kami ni Tatay, I asked him what is his favorite ulam, He answered, he can eat Giniling everyday. Ayun na mga marse, pag uwi ko, mega ask ako sa Tita ko na magaling magluto to cook giniling the next day so I can watch. A bit tiring ang preparation, mega tadtad ng vegetables but then the end product is worth it. And of course whenever sinasabi ni Tatay na ang sarap ng uto ni Nanay, pak na kahit amoy bawangpa ang mga daliri ko lol!

Here's how I cook Tatay's favorite Giniling, please watch:

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