Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Breakout with St. Peter Life Plans and My Story

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I was invited by St. Peter Life Plans (yes the one with a cute pink casket as a photobooth) to try out the Breakout Philippines challenge. I’ve been seeing posts from friends who already tried the game rooms so I got excited. Aside from the excitement, I was nervous because we were told that we will be doing the “Corpse Bride” room, oooh halloween! We were also advised that there’s a scary factor that can happen inside (may mananakot shocks!) 
But after a few minutes we were advised that we’ll just be doing “The Island” - no scarry factor yay, but it was their most difficult room to escape, level 5! Just because we wanted to escape the Corpse Bride room, we settled for hardest one and we didn’t have a choice either since that is the room available for our time slot.

So on to the game, no pictures and all, as in nothing because our bags were left at the lobby lockers and it was secured. I thought we’d be entering a big room but it wasn’t, we were six in the team and we were all giggling looking for clues in a small square room. I can’t tell the full details because it might destroy your excitement if ever you will try the game. 

And speaking of trying the game, St. Peter Chapels had partnered with Breakout Ph for the Death Care Week. So if you, a family/relatives and friends is an employee, sales agent or plan holder of St. Peter Life Plan head on to any Breakout Philippines branch and just present your ID to get Php100 off on the Corpse Bride room. It’s time to gather everyone and reserve your game days until October 31st to avail of the promo. This is a good bonding experience for all, no gadgets only thinking caps running.

I super enjoyed the game, eventhough we didn’t make it. I’d still love to return and try again, or try a different room like the Corpse Bride for added thrilling effect. Share your thoughts and I will be reading them.

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