Monday, October 9, 2017

AiAi delas Alas As The Endorser of Pitalicious Shawarma

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I was one of those who were invited to attend the blogger’s conference for an endorsement of Ms AiAi delas Alas. I didn’t have any idea what it is about and thought maybe it was a surprise. Upon reaching the venue of Victorino’s Resto in QC, there was nothing, no clue at all. The setup was their regular, so up on the day of the event I was curious. And then Ms AiAi came in and we were so happy to see her, looking fresh and was just saying hello to everyone (I specifically love her hairclip-shining shimmering splendid).

And so it was revealed, she is the newest brand endorser of Pitalicious Shawarma. The setup for the shawarma booth came in just as we were about to eat, I am just not sure if it was on purpose or whatever but anyways it smelled so good. With Ms. AiAi is Ms Anna - I hope I got it right, one of the people from the Marketing of Pitalicious Shawarma. I asked why they thought Ms AiAi was the best endorser for Pitalicious? She answered, because Ms Ai is family oriented, and because the business is owned and managed by a family they saw that she embodies everything about the brand. And when I also asked Ms Ai why she said yes to their offer? Her answer was also because she loved that the business was created by love from a family.

For more of the chikahan, check out this video:

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