Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Debutantes: My Movie Experience

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My heart is weak when it comes to horror movies. But I can watch if I am with a lot of friends or family who can make me feel secure. That's why I love premiere nights especially this one with the Debutantes movie. It is one heck of a thriller! So just to not spoil anyone reading this, I will just give out information about my reactions and what I felt during the movie.

The kind of attack that they did to scare us was something different. I wasn't able to detect when something scary was gonna happen. The suspense and the surprises were not the usual. The frightening musical scoring was there but the thrill of when something is gonna happen made us all scream. This movie made my breathing so intense, I can't actually keep still on my chair, not knowing when will the next attack happen.

For the story, it is quite predictable, although the scaring made it different. But most of all The Debutantes is not just a Horror Film, it gave a lesson about bullying which is so rampant in this generation. All in all I think the movie will be a success, the girls are really good in portraying their respective roles so bravo! Congrats to Regal Films and the whole cast.
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