Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Barker Premiere Night

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I was once again invited to the Premiere Night of Viva Films' latest movie, The Barker which stars Empoy Marquez. The cast also includes his leading lady  Shy Carlos and is Directed by Dennis Padilla.

I was asked by a friend about my prediction on the movie. I can honestly say, I got confused on the story. Was it just me or was the editing a bit confusing. Oh well, but I am glad that Empoy now has gained a lot of fans and followers who were present during the night. They were happily cheering for him and Empoy in return stop for a few minutes or so to have a photo with them at the red carpet.

Not much to say about the movie, its just that I hope they can create another really good project for him because he is nice and super humble. Shy on the other hand really makes a good leading lady, she is very pretty on screen.

Being on the red carpet and hearing their fans chant "Empoy" made the night super worthy.
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