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Allele Whitening Lotion For Instant White Skin

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With all the many whitening products that are out in the market, sometimes we don't know which one should we choose and which one would really work, and because we have different skin types, some brands would and could possibly work for others than ourselves.

I was recently invited for an intimate discussion of a new brand of skin whitening lotion that is not yet in the market, this lotion is made in Davao and is already being used locally by many ladies there and says it really works for them. Let me introduce to you Allele, this brand will soon be launched here in Manila and will be distributed in different department stores and supermarkets. Well, honestly, I am not so much into lotions, I find them sticky and thick to the skin and would usually give me a dirty feeling, but that's just me, for others, they can't really leave the house without applying one.

For the meantime, I can share with you my observations during the intimate event because I am still looking for someone in the family who would actually try and will let you guys know of its effect by updating this post in the near future. For the sake of an initial review I tried Allele, we did a trial and I must say it doesn't feel sticky after application, also it has a baby cologne kind of scent so it is not too strong for its smell. What is really exciting about this is for just a small amount, it spreads thoroughly to your skin and the magic begins, when it was compared on the other arm, it was instantly lighter, we were all in awe haha, it was like we were kids in a magic show! 

See both arms? The e left arm was lighter after applying Allele

Well, I can't wait for this product to be available in the market so that others can do the comparison, but if you are already excited and would liuke to try it, Allele is now very much available at, it is very much affordable so no need to worry.

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