Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pangako Sa'yo Has Revealed The Beabianca of this Generation

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Her name is Sarah Carlos, she will now embody a very difficult role as Beabianca Bejerano that was portrayed before by Vanessa Del Bianco. How extreme is it to be the third wheel of the famouse love tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla? Amidst the challenging role, the biggest hurdle she has to face are the fans of KathNiel, how ready is she to take comments both negative and positive from the cyber world? That we will see once the camera starts rolling for this pretty lady. ( A-tapang A-babae si atey! Di sya afraidy aguilar hahaha!)

I sincerely do hope she will not be bashed just because she is the third party (wag ganun guys) but because she will do good in her acting that people will be annoyed at Beabianca perse. And also fans should be mature enough to know that this is just for the Teleserye, nothing personal. But (nakuneto naaaa, kapit!) how true are the rumors circulating that she will have a kissing scene with Daniel? ( Abangers naaaaa! Panic! Hahaha!)

Ano na mga KathNiels, paano na?

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  1. Sana walang kissing scene please lord


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