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A Chitchat With The Military Man

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Senator Gregorio Honasan a name when mentioned would instantly create a throwback photo in my mind, him dressed in his soldier suit. History classes made him famous, pertaining to him as the man from the coup, so  when I got an invite for a chitchat with him together with other fellow bloggers, I didn't think a bit and said yes, of course a once in a lifetime opportunity to get talk to one of our Senators and now running for a Vice President position in our government.

Seeing Senator Honasan for the first time gave me that huge smile, he is indeed handsome as how my oldies would describe him, at first I thought there might be some guidelines on what kind of questions were allowed for the discussion. (filtering of questions are being done even in showbiz events lol!) But nah-ah, we were free to ask him anything we want, about his family, his views, politics etc.

As a father, he is the calm one. He giddily tells us how his wife was more of a disciplinarian than him, that when he comes home earlier than his children, he'd actually wait for them and share a meal, stories or even jam with them until the wee hours of the morning. He also told us that his children are not at all affected by all the news and whatsoever people and media tell about him, maybe because they know him best than what they get to hear outside, and inside their home they are just like everyone else, a normal family.

I had a hard time continuing my story about this Senator, maybe because during our chat he didn't talk too much politics, to the point that I felt he was a relative, an Uncle sharing stories of his life. And then I saw on his official facebook page that it is his Birthday, I browsed through his wall greetings (stalker peg) and stumbled upon a greeting from his daughter, it was heart warming but not to the point of super drama, direct to the point but not tactless, and truth about the love she feels for her father. 

And then from there it struck me, maybe that is why I can't finish this article because I am focusing too much on the political side, of what he could do for our country or if he'll be the Vice President could he actually improve the security of our people because that was his priority when I asked him. Nonetheless I am happy I saw that post of his daughter, it made me realize that sometimes it is better to look into a persons heart than his mind, that not all military men are just plain tough and strict they have a heart too. Yes, it was just my first time to have met VP candidate Gergorio Honasan but a man who has raised his family well gets my full respect way higher than before. So now, when his family name Honasan is mentioned, the military uniform that goes through the back of my mind is now gone, I now picture him in a Barong, telling me stories like I am his daughter with those very enthusiastic eyes and a lot of positivity.Thank you Senator for this wonderful opportunity and looking forward to more kwentuhans.

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