Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chowking Presents the Breakfast Chao Fan!

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Chowking presents their newest breakfast feast and my personal favorite, the Chowking Breakfast Chao Fan! Our favorite regular Chao Fan now comes with 4 pcs fried siomai and egg that will be so perfect for a packed breakfast for an energy filled day. Aside from this they also have the Chinese Style Longganisa with Egg and Fried Rice that is super yummy too (now craving lol!). What's great about the Breakfast Chao Fan is that it is very affordable for only Php99 and the serving is huge and can really fill up your tummy to start your day right.

The Chowking Breakfast treats are availabe daily from 6am to 10am or if you are lucky could be up to 11am in some stores. So to have an amazing morning, drop by any Chowking stores for your breakfast fix and have a Wow Morning everyday.

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