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Foot Zone Day Spa For Your Complete Relaxation

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In this fast paced life we live in now, relaxation is no longer a luxury, it is now a need. Spa, what comes into your mind when you hear the word? For me, I imagine scents of essential oils, nature kind of music and delicate hands going through my legs down to my feet. Yes I am a foot spa and massage addict, so when we got an invitation from Foot Zone in Annapolis Greenhills, we decided to give it a try plus I've been complaining about my sore feet hence the much needed foot massage.

Upon entering the lobby, we were greeted with a hotel like set up and was offered hot salabat tea while waiting for our rooms to be ready. When we were given the go signal we were lead to a room wherein two massage chairs were available per room and the feels of yet again a hotel room where there is TV, slippers and own airconditioning system. We were asked to change into the provided clothes so we could be comfortable. When the masaage therapist came in, we were asked if we want the lights dimmed and if we want to adjust the aircon plus offered if we want tea or water, that is good service for me.

We were informed that we will be treated to a foot spa and a classic body massage, what a gread afternoon to hear those relaxing words lol! So the foot spa started with a bucket of warm water so our feet would be relaxed, the foot spa and massage was very relaxing to the point that I snoozed a bit. After the foot spa, the therapist informed us that the ones who will do our body massage will replace them. While waiting we were chatting with our friends from the other room since WiFi was available within the massage room premises.

When the body massage started, I already don't know how to explain  because all I felt was pure relaxation. So to summarize our afternoon, it was a superb experience we didn't even wanna go home yet and we were asking them jokingly if we could continue sleeping for another hour. By its name Foot Zone, do not be deceived it is not true that they are just good for your feet, they were also excellent in the body massage. The next time I will come back, I will be bringing along the husband because I am sure he will love it too.

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