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Kids On Bike The First Leg

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The Kids On Bike Event Kick Off courtesy of Growee happened at the SM Mall Of Asia Bay Area. Children as young as 3 up to 11 years old were geared up for the event. I am a first time mom with a 9 month old baby, so I decided to tag along my niece and nephew in which the PR organizer agreed to. I believe this event is very helpful in the bonding of families especially now that gadgets has replaced the actual playtime of kids to play and socialize with others. When we arrived we saw other kids on their bikes and off they go on the  bike tracks, I was quite on panic thinking the event had already started, so we get in to the media registration got our race kit and was told that the resevation for the bikes was somewhere on the grounds. So we hurriedly went on and tried to look for the bikes, sadly there was no bikes available, we thought maybe other kids might be using them for their race and will be returned after, but the on going race was just for the 3 yr old category so we waited but bikes were all out. I don't know if there was lack of organization in terms of bike availment or there were no bikes at all. It was super hot, and the heat of the sun was beginning to set in on us, no bikes, and the kids started to lost their enthusiasm.

The area was open to get the feel of biking on track, it was ok but I was expecting at least a tent where we could stay as we wait for the kids category; I was looking for a media tent actually, (there is usually a  media tent or a standby area on outdoor events that I've attended) where in we could wait and leave the kids as we document the happenings on the ground and not to have them in tow and be directly under the sun, maybe  a simple media tent would have made the experience a lot better and a few water bottles since the event was super early and the nearest refreshment booths were still closed. Honestly, I was very excited and has been looking forward for the Kids On Bikes event, but sadly I think improvements in organization could've made the experience more fun not just for the kids but for the parents and guardians as well.

I believe this is the first and I know how hard it is to put together events as big as this one, but altogether I think it was a success seeing those kids and parents support their young ones in their biking journey. I just hope the next leg would be more organized in the sense that, no kids allowed on the track while there is another category that is being held because we got confused whose event is happening. Additional point persons on the ground since we kept hearing the host always looking for that one person who should do the listing of the race finishers, or they could use mini ribbons or medals for the cute kids who get to finish on top of their category to also avoid confusion. We wanted to stay, since we were prepared that the event was a whole day activity, but we couldn't stand the heat while waiting and again there were no bikes available some were even not available for use, either the tires were flat or there was something wrong with the pedals so we decided together with other mommy bloggers to call it a day since the kids were already complaining. Yes it took me awhile to write about this because I was contemplating into just writing this as is that everything was alright and it was a super perfect event, but thought maybe a few points would not hurt and may actually be of help for the next leg, I am just worried about the kids since the event was for them right? The Kids On Bikes event could be the best biking event for kids and I believe it can be still be improved for the rest of the leg.

Thank you Growee for coming up with an event that can boost the sportsmanship and camaraderie of the young ones, making families bond without the gadgets and reminding us that there are still activities that familes can do without spending too much. Till the next leg :-)

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