Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lee Kum Kee Brings Joy Not Just in Cooking

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Lee Kum Kee, the original creator of the very yummy Oyster Sauce invited the kids from Kaisahang Buhay Foundation for a fun day at the Greenhills Promenade Cinema featuring the movie Kung Fu Panda 3. Panda faced Siopaos with asado fillings made special with Lee Kum Kee seasonings were served as snacks for the kids, had a mini game with it too and winners were abel to take home cute Panda looking bags (wish I gad one too lol!) 

Before the movie started Lee Kum Kee bosses revealed their main gift for the kids and the foundation. Lee Kum Kee donated Php 500,000 for the foundation as a gift and to help the children under their care. When the movie rolled, giggles were heard all over, and the kids were very fond of the story, and I am sure they enjoyed their day with this treat from Lee Kum Kee. Honestly I haven't tried using Lee Kum Kee in my cooking, but because they gave us Lee Kum Kee products, I was able to incorporate it in my home cooking and my whole family loved it. Thank you Lee Kum Kee!

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