Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Day Out With JFVA

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Jollibee has given a grand family day out for their Jollibee Family Values Awardees recently at the Pasig RAVE Park. The families were chosen and congratulated for their effort in helping out in our communities from their own efforts. As a treat, a special picnic luncheon was held at the RAVE Ampitheater where everyone including us enjoyed a Jollibee Supreme meal and of course Chicken Joy, and an added bonus of a special guests, who else but the very famous and adorable Jollibee! Kids and adult alike were very delighted to see Jollibee who was very game for photo ops and selfies with everyone.

After lunch, the whole group were divided per team for a tour at the RAVE Park, the kids were all giddy to check out the mini zoo, the park and the maze, I wasn't even expecting that there is a huge place like this one located in the heart of Pasig City, a very good place for families to bond and enjoy, away from gadgets and the city noise. To cap off the day, a group picture taking was made as a remembrance of a fruitful day and that families will always play an important role in our society.

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