Thursday, October 27, 2016

CUCKOO: Coming Very Soon To Filipino Kitchens

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A partner in every household, Cuckoo, the No. 1 trusted electronics brand in Korea, brings its award-winning kitchen, healthcare and home living appliances to the delight of all homemakers in the Philippines.

Cuckoo, which is a play on the word “cook”, has been the leading brand of rice cooker in Korea for over 14 years, selling over 25 million units around the world. It was ranked No.1 in the NBCI (National Brand Competitiveness Index) nine years in a row by the Korean Productivity Center, and was awarded the Korea Prestige Brand Award in the Water Purifier category in 2014.

Starting September 1, you can experience the convenience, comfort and confidence that the Cuckoo Water Purifier brings.

Cuckoo’s water purifiers promise peace of mind as it delivers clean, safe and healthy alkaline water. Boiling your water may not be enough to kill harmful bacteria, while filtered water does not to completely remove toxins from it. Cuckoo’s water purifiers remove both heavy sediments and bacteria, while keeping in the good minerals that our body needs.

Cuckoo’s patented 6 stage filtration technology includes several purification processes which ensure the cleanliness of your water. Water passes through several filters including a sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, natural filter and nano-positive filter. The natural filter and nano-positive filter (both patented technologies of Cuckoo) remove heavy metals, bacteria, and harmful substances that are found in water, while preserving all good minerals. What you enjoy after is refreshing alkaline water every time.

Alkaline water is the most recommended type of water for consumption as it helps to balance the ph levels of the body. It mild alkalinity neutralizes the acids in the body created by stress, toxins and a high acidic food diet. Alkaline water brings your body back to a balance, reducing your chances of developing cancer and other illnesses.

Therefore, Cuckoo water is no ordinary water; it offers the best and safest alkaline water for you and your family.

With every purchase of the water purifier, you can enjoy added convenience and peace of mind as Cuckoo’s natural doctors (service specialists) regularly change the filters of your purifier and sterilize your equipment at no extra cost.

Choose safety, quality and peace of mind with the Cuckoo Water Purifier.

For more information about Cuckoo’s line of products, visit or call 631-1041 and 0917 417 0049. Cuckoo will be available at major malls nationwide, soon!

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