Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quiapo Manila Is Now Brighter With Solar Power Lights

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Quiapo Manila is now brighter and well lit now that Solar Power LED Streetlights with LED Signboard and CCTV along Quezon Blvd., Quiapo Manila is installed with the help and support of Mr Lee Inje who is the owner of Global Goldgoal Inc. We got the chance to interview him and asked why Quiapo when there are a lot of other Cities in the Metro? According to Mr Lee Inje when he came here in Manila back in year 2002, he thought that crimes were very rampant because the streets were dark that everything happens because it was too dark, and so he planned that in the near future, he would want to help out in lighting up the streets to lessen the crimes. Mr Lee Inje also shared how he loves the Philippines and the Filipinos in general because of our very happy and cheerful attitude, unlike in Korea where people are too serious, hence the decision of living here for good.

The Inauguration was held right in the heart of Quezon Blvd near the Quiapo Church and was attended by Manila Mayor Erap Estrada who gave a brief speech and a thank you for this wonderful help and donation. Hopefully with this partnership more street lights can be put up and lesser crimes for our beloved country.

P.S CCTV's are directly connected to the Manila Mayor's office, on the other hand the LED signboards will be used for government and city announcement purposes and not for advertisements.

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