Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Jollibee Presents A New App and Collectibles

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Jollibee the number one fastfood chain in the Philippines comes up with its latest and newest offering the Dance with Jollibee App (downloadable for both Android and iOs users) wherein kids and the whole family can enjoy, in particular I had a giggling child like moment for about the App wherein you could upload your picture or my baby's and be included in a dance number with one or all of Jollibee and friends, super cute!

Speaking of Jollibee and  the gang, here's another one that I was extremely overjoyed to have, the "Jollibee Pinoy Collectibles" having a baby who is just 1 year old, and as much as I wanted him to play with them, the child in me made me keep them first after some photo sessions with them toys, yes please do visit Instagram @chubbychitchat for the photos. I wanted it to be something he could keep like any other toy collection, I am sure most of us who grew up loving our Sunday family days at Jollibee would love to collect them all. visit your favorite Jollibee stores and start collecting them now.

P.S Thank you Jollibee for inviting my family during the launch and for the complete set.

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