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Toys: Bente Singko Serye 1

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I managed to drop by Greenfield Pavillion yesterday, while waiting for the Mister I browsed through the shops "tiangge" and checked out what's new since I've not been into the area for about a month now. I entered one of the shops which houses affordable "sari-sari" stuff and found myself in their toy section (yes I know always, always find myself in the for kids section yan na ang fave area namin) anyways, I saw a few toys but something really catched my attention, the small Xylophone, I even tested it if it works and it did, lately our 1Y4M Buchoychoy loves playing the piano app on Tatay's phone but because we agreed not to expose him (yet) to tablets, phones, iPads etc. I thought this was a good alternative, also educational since we've been showing him things that start with the alphabet so a good actual example (X for Xylophone). I was so happy to know that there's this shop where we could buy toys, cheap yet practical. From the start my husband and I agreed also not to buy super expensive toys until he reached the stage wherein he is responsible enought to play and take care of them as well, for now I will be posting and writing our #BenteSingkoSerye on my IG: Chubbychitchat and on this blog.

P.S While writing this post, B is enjoying the Xylophone

How about you mommies, what's your take on toys for your kids? Share them too please.

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  1. Haha! I can really relate on you. I always find myself, too, visiting the toys or kids section whenever i'm in the mall or tiangge. Iba na talaga pag nanay ka na eh diba. :P

  2. Wow naman, like you I always find myself too. Di na maiiwasan na ang priority natin ay ang needs na ng kids natin, hehehe. Most of the time since I become a mother everytime na pumupunta ako sa tiangge laging napupunta sa kids section.

  3. toy section is always the first stop every time I shop, just like you educational and instrument type of toys is my first option

  4. Oh thats good! Whenever we are in the mall favorite din nmin ang toy section! And my kids are warned, 50 pesos lang worth dapat ng toy if bibili ha?!

  5. I used to love buying toys for my boys. But now that they are all feeling grown ups, those toys arent touched for years. We checked theiR storage box and we have amassed a number of toys. With our latest baby, I told myself not to buy much as he could play with his kuyas toys naman.

  6. The kids do not really need a lot of toys when they are little, this is the reason why I did not buy my son much when he was that age. It was an entirely different story, though, now that he is older. But I still only buy him reasonably priced toys. That xylophone is a great way to let the little one learn about the alphabet, music, as well as develop his hand-eye coordination skill!

  7. We don't buy expensive toys for the twins too! My partner have this habit of buying cheap toys from the market and knowing kids that is so appreciative at such a young age, masaya na sila!

  8. Your #BenteSingkoSerye looks interesting! Keep it up, I'm sure there are tons of mommies that are interested buying affordable fun toys for their kids. :)

  9. The xylophone looks great plus educational pa :)

  10. Same here toy store ang nagiging fave place. But I am not buying him toy lagi now wala na ako mapaglagyan eh


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