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Dine in Japan the Unakichi Way

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Tempura is my favorite when we speak about Japanese Cuisine, yeah I know the likes of sushi, teriyaki etc., the ones readily available at Japanes fastfood but seldom do I visit. But there's this place in Makati Cinema Square which serves authentic Unagi (Eel) that I tried recently at Unakichi Japanese Restaurant here's my say.

I sometimes feel that Japanes food or cuisine is kinda pricey, but when we were given the chance to check out Unakichi's kitchen, I instantly believed that if your resto is as authentic as this one, I am willing to pay for quality and authenticity. Anway, the Eels used at Unakichi is fresh, they do the slicing in the morning as they open, yup if you are early, you'll be able to witness it. And so with all the other authentic Jap resto's in the metro Unakichi is the first and only one that serves Eel, which is very healthy and expensive but worth it.

We were treated to a sumptuous variety from their menu, I tried their Saba set the Mackarel type and oh it was fantastic, juicy, ang very yummy, it was the best so far. And of course we wouldn't pass the chance to try their Unagi, which goes through a long process before it is served. First they slice the Eel, then it will be places in a skewer or barbeque stick as we normally call it, then placed on a steamer, after that it will be dipped in their special scret saice and then grilled, the result? It was superb, very tasty and very healthy, try their set meal with Unagi which already has rice, salad, sides and soup that goes with it and you'll not regret it.

Unakichi is really something you could check out when you want a variety in your Japanese food and they can easily be located at ground floor, parking area of the Makati Cinema Square. Drop a comment when you get to check it out.

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