Friday, February 6, 2015

Diana Stalder IP | Day 2

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Hello! Oh yes I once again survived day 2 without rice. (Yes issue ko talaga ang rice lol!)

Breakfast : Pancake
- I was super excited to cook this, it smelled really good, but when tasting time na, parang walang lasa, parang food for the baby, the texture is like that of the Pita Bread na parang may bits of oatmeal, honestly nilunok ko na lang sya para maubos haha! But it made me full naman so keri na! (Please excuse the picture, mukahang na murder si pancake haha!)

Snack: Peach Mango Drink
- This also smelled sooo good! Refreshing juice and a bit maasim but it was fine, and still yummy!

Lunch: Pork Adobo and Cauli Flower
- Surprisingly, eventhough there is kanin in the rice cooker, di ako na bother, i just ate my perfectly seasoned adobo (maayos un timpla ko kung kelan hindi na muna ako nagkakanin, kaloka!) and blanched veggies.  

Dinner: Mushroom Soup
-  This delicious, I super loved it way over the chicken soup on my first day, or mahilig din talaga ako sa mushrooms even before pa.

My Day 2 is kinda ok lang, ok medyo disappointed sa pancake, ang bango kasi and then, ok move on!
I still continue to drink water and pee a lot, I am more excited for lunch coz I still get to eat a normal ulam but with vegetables, na appreciate ko na sya, there are still temptations but I try to think abput aomething else so as not to destroy my focus. A pat on the back for cooking for the husband's breakfast and dinner without even tasting the rice or sinangag (di ba!) although I am a bit inggit but then I tell myself to focus. Five more days to cap off my first week and I think I am doing fine, the husband hugs me everytime nakikita nya na mukha daw akong hungry, busugin na lang daw nya muna ako sa hugs. (cheezy!)

Till tomorrow!
MisisNikole :-)
And oh I decided to quarantine myself for at least a week, no events muna for me so I will be able to adjust and yah know tukso layuan mo ako muna ang peg lol!

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