Friday, February 27, 2015

Julian Trono and his Wiki Me Single is now out!

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When I had a glimpse of Julian Trono during the blogger's conference for his latest single Wiki Me, I thought to myself, k-pop? That was his vibe and looks like a legit Korean Artist, and it suits him well not trying hard plus the fact that he just came back from Korea. His latest single Wiki Me is now out and the music video is now being played on Myx.

We asked about his Korea experience and he said it didn't feel like he was working because he enjoyed his stay there and was very much accepted by the fans. But of course an interview will never be complete without some personal questions especially on the current status of his heart. Yes he is currently single and very much available but, we were shocked to know that if ever, he prefers someone older that him, maybe around 3 to 5 years from his age. We asked why and he said maybe because he wanted someone who is mature. Oh well, we all have preferences and if that is waht he wants, let's just give it to this cutie Korean looking young man.

His album is in the works and if given the chance to conceptualize his own, Julian said he wanted every single song to have a story, not just to have a song but something with a deeper meaning. Watch out for Julian Trono when he conquers the music scene one step at a time.

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