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Diana Stalder IP | Day 4

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Food for Day 4

Breakfast: Crispy Cereal (IP)
- I don't personally eat cereals for breakfast before because I feel that i need to finish it immediately to be able to enjoy the crunch of the cereals. But this one ia different, I was actually able to enjoy my food without the hurry, crunch and yum in one.

Snack: Peach Mango Flavored Drinks (IP)
- I had this on Day 2, and I think I am starting to get used to it, parang normal na lang sya na juice, not minding the parang may bitter na after taste.

Lunch: Beef and Brocolli
- Beef is not actually a regular food in our household, aside from it is a bit more expensive than regular pork and chicken, cooking time is also longer. Anyway, I am more excited with my the process I did with cauli flower, I mashed it and spiced it with garlic, salt and pepper. It's like having fried rice with the garlic flavor. Happy with my meal

Dinner: Tomato Soup (IP)
- I was afraid this won't click with my tastebuds, but surprisingly it was sooo good (emphasis in the o's lol!) that moment na talagang sinimot ko sya haha!

Day 4 Observations:
- I feel lighter. Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor, I always ask my husband to get anything I need upstairs, but in the past few days I was the one getting what I needed, my knees no longer hurt, am I starting to lose weight? I hope so (excited)
- The husband also noted that my double chin daw was nabawasan, sana nga talaga haha! Ayoko muna maniwala until ma compare ko my before photo sa clinic. I will do a complete write up of my first week soon, hope the results will be good. :-)

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