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First Week on Ideal Protein Diet with Diana Stalder

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Hurrah! Finally reached the first week under the Ideal Protein Diet Program of Diana Stalder, it was a tough week to start with since many changes and realizations have occurred, and I'm gonna share it with you.


- This is by far the biggest change I embraced in my whole life. Getting up early to have my IP breakfast and then having the recommended water intake all through out the day, snacks that are appropriate, lunch that is in portion and very light dinner.
The IP Diet created a new me in an instant, it also helped that the food from the IP menu were mostly delicious, my husband said so too since he would usually ask to taste them as well. I am loving this new me.


- Here comes the revelation, I bought a weighing scale for my personal use and to be able to monitor my weight loss, I was happy to see that it read 7 lbs less of my original weight on my 6th day. When I went on to the Diana Stalder clinic on my 7th day and did the official weigh in, I was upset that it only read 5 lbs., I was totally down, although I trimmed down 2 inches on my waist, 1 inch on both my thighs, and I think 1 inch on my left arm, I was still uncomfortable, maybe because we (my coach) were aiming for 10lbs on my fist week. On my way home I am still not feeling good of myself, how come it's just 5, upon reaching our house I immediately took my weighing scale and did it again, and still the result was the same 7lbs, for a few minutes I sat down and tried to clear my emotions. And then I hear myself talking to myself, like hey 5lbs isn't so bad, this is the fastest weight loss I had in so many years and it happened in just a week, it may not be the goal we were expecting but still a pat on the back for being able to remove rice, and following the IP program.

Maybe my body is still adjusting and of course with my age I think my metabolism was kinda confused lol! But I was still excited for my second week, so onward we go!


- As my husband and I observed, I am slowly having my curve on my waist part, and the layered fats on my back shrink a bit, the husband made a major comment that my double chin is not that double anymore too, my neck is also now longer and dimples a little bit more visible and of course I feel lighter.

All of these changes on my first week, I am still excited on the following weeks and the Ideal Protein Food I am about to discover, and of course finding new ways on how to prepare my vegetables, I am keeping the faith that this change is not just temporary and that I may be able to carry this throughout my program.

Also as a blogger I am mostly invited to different events, and attending them means there will be food served, imagine me having 3 events during the day and eating all the food that is served, it's just wow! But as much as possible this time I only choose events that are so important or has been my love for many years now and it is ideal that the schedule is during lunch time at least I could pick from their buffet but of course with the proper portioning and having my lettuce inside my bag. My blogger friends are also very supportive, they eat everything else on my plate. I am happy that I can say no to desserts and other food that is not on my list, night events are not welcome for now so I won't have the excuse of eating just because I am tired, I still feel hungry during the night time, especially when I know there is food available for me to consume but I don't want to mess this opportunity, not now.

It is indeed a major self discipline, in this world that I am in, food is readily available, but when I think about my health, the need of having a baby soon and the future, I think I am on the right path, I just hope people surrounding me won't give up on me, because I don't want to give up on this one either. Cheers to my second week! Love! Love! Love!

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