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Diana Stalder IP | Day 3

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Day 3 done! What was our menu for today? Here's the list:

Breakfast: Pancakes
- Yes it is the same panake mix I had on day 2, this time it looks more presentable (para di naman nakakahiya) and for whatever reason, I liked it today than yesterday (sounds familiar? Parang sa song lang haha) or maybe nasasanay na ako and I am beginning to appreciate it na. (Love hate relationship ba with pancake?!)

Snack: Raspberry Jelly
- This might be my favorite snack pack to date (as if naka weeks na sa program  chos!) ang sarap kasi, very flavourful and it is jelly, hello, on a diet pero may jelly is surely a treat, nakaka happy! Naki tikim si mister, umulit pa ulit, nasarapan din sya haha.

Lunch: Chicken Breast
- I do not like the breast part period. Fave ko yung thigh, wings, legs, the skin (malutong na malutong!) and almost everything except te breast part, but na appreciate ko rin sya, sauteed with a bit of oyster sauce plus bell peppers and brocolli (my substitute for rice), nakaka busog din sya, although I think I am allowed to have the leg or thigh part so long as the skin is out, bye for now mr. chicken skin.

Dinner: Leek Soup
- I am not familiar of what a leek taste like, not even sure if it is a vegetable or a fruit haha ang fail ko dun! So afraid ang lola nyo to eat that, what is that?! But I was wrong, it was yummy haha yes purp yummy at delicious ang sinasabi ko, but maybe because mahilig din talaga ako sa veggies, hello I am a Baguio girl para saan pa at lumaki akong napapaligiran ng sariwang mga gulay, maybe that's why din this diet program made me say yes, it is healthy and so far di pa naman ako ginigutom neto. So yeah so ar so good! 

I am excited to taste more of Diana Stalder's Ideal Protein food in the next few days and the coming weeks (of course kakaririn ko na to noh!)

What I love about this food plan is that, my goal is not to be as thin as yung mga artista, I jist need to shed off those excess baby fats (medyo madami sila) and reach the right weight for my body and height, and then I think maintain na lang, so hopefully and please pray for me na makayanan ko pa the next sessions and feel free to ask or share your thoughts about this journey of mine.

Tips: Naka 3rd day pa lang may tips na!
- I cook dinner for my husband, so if my scheduled lunch for the next day is pork, yun ang putahe ko and then nagseset aside ako for myself para init na lang and just enough yung portioning for my lunch. Naka tipid pa, then yung veggies madali na lang coz you can blanch, boil or steam and ok na.

- If you have a water bottle with measurements in milliliters (ml) and ounce (oz) better use it to measure your water intake, and water for your packed DS food. As for me, I bought one, less than a hundred but very useful.

Thank you for reading and joining me in this journey.

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