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Brushing: Another Step In Raising A Toddler

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So after the fun in letting my one year old eat different kinds of food like vegetables, breads and fruits, I am now in question if it is the right time to teach him how to brush his teeth or at least introduce it to him at one year and 2 months. But for now he will just have to watch us do it first and in the future we could try CLIO.

Get creative and make routine tasks like eating with a spoon and fork or brushing their teeth fun

Is your baby now a toddler? Now’s the time to teach them to do things on their own. As a parent, you have the privilege of helping them further enjoy their toddler years by teaching them to be independent and fully capable to do simple tasks on their own.

While teaching energetic toddlers may not be a walk in the park, incorporating a good dose of fun will always do the trick. But first, you have to set an example for your child. Toddlers often mimic what their parents do, whether on how to use a spoon and fork, how to drink from a glass, or how to brush their teeth. Make sure they watch you when you do these things – or better yet, allow them to do these things with you – so that they can copy you.

Make everything fun. Create fun step-by-step guides for properly eating with a spoon and fork, for example. You can use music or rhymes, whichever works.

When brushing teeth, funny faces or catchy songs may just be the trick you need. Use a catchy nursery rhyme to signal that it’s time to brush their teeth. Establish that it should be a routine – after eating, they should always brush their teeth. Remind them that they need to do it to have healthy teeth in the future.


To make your child’s brushing experience light and enjoyable, also make sure that you are using the right toothbrush, like the Korean-made Cleene CLIO Junior toothbrush with extra soft round-ended and tapered bristles with anti-bacterial property, perfect for your kids’ sensitive and brittle teeth. It comes in different vibrant colors kids will surely love.

After they’ve mastered these simple tasks, gradually let them explore and play on their own, and even let them choose their own clothes. Encouraging them to be independent at an early age allows them to express their creativity, and that will surely go a long way.

Cleene CLIO toothbrushes are available in all Mercury Drug stores and other leading supermarkets nationwide.

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